Building a Succulent Terrarium

The steps:

Step 1 - Name your Terrarium: Naming your terrarium kit helps us to pack your items  appropriately so that you will receive all of your terrarium ingredients grouped together. This is especially helpful if you are building multiple terrariums on one order, or adding other loose items to your order from elsewhere in our store.

Step 2 - Choose your Container: Select your favorite container from our hand selected collection. Container size and other details are listed next to the photo, along with recommended quantity of plants. Please note: recommendations are only recommendations. If you have a vision, go for it!

Step 3 - Add your Base Layer: To make it easy, we have pre-packaged pebbles and succulent/cactus soil in small, medium and large sizes. This is all you need to get your terrarium container ready for plants. Refer to the container you select to help determine what size base package you will need.

Step 4 - Select your Plants: We have selected a collection of our favorite succulents for you to choose from. They were selected for their overall ease of care, compatibility and just plain cool factor. All of our succulents are 2" size (referring to the diameter size of the growers pot they are shipped in.) Be sure to check the dimensions and recommendations of the container you select to help determine how many plants to choose.

Step 5 - Create your World: Let the fun begin! In this section you will find a wide variety of elements to customize and personalize your terrarium. Rocks and crystals, seashells, driftwood, terrarium miniatures, seed pods...all hand selected to provide many theme or style possibilities.

Plant Like a Pro...

Designing and planting your terrarium is a fun and creative process. Follow your imagination and pay attention to the elements that catch your eye. Every person is unique, and everyone's style will reflect that. Below are some thoughts, tips and tricks that I consider when designing our terrariums. Hopefully they will be helpful to you as well.       -Matthew Herbage, Owner.

Selecting your container:

  • Size matters! It is helpful to have at least a rough idea of how many plants, and what type of elements you are considering for your terrarium when you select your container. browse the ingredient options before making your selection, as the size and style of your container may be influenced by the elements or theme you end up selecting.
Selecting your base layer:
  • For this step, simply select the appropriate size base package for your terrarium container. Refer to the container for dimensions and recommendations
Selecting your plants:
  • When selecting your plants, choosing a variety of colors and textures will lead to an attractive aesthetic mix. Also pay attention to growth habits, and try to pair at least one tall plant in with shorter plants (when room permits). This will help to bring life to the negative space in your container and keep your terrarium from feeling "flat"
  • Consider how you will use your plants in the overall design. Smaller plants can cluster together to create a nice aesthetic, whereas taller plants generally like to be somewhat isolated.
Selecting your elements:
  • When selecting decorative elements, it is often a good approach to choose a mix of sizes, including at least one large (relative to the size of your container) element. This helps to provide a landscaped feel, and adds focal points to your terrarium. Larger elements also help to fill negative space. (note - This can be accomplished with the right plants as well)
  • Selecting the right elements is the best way to bring a specific theme or style to life. If you have a certain type of terrarium you are trying to build, try to stay true to theme. For example: if your trying for a natural, beach-themed terrarium, stick with elements such as moss, driftwood, natural sand, pebbles, shells etc. Things you might find at the beach. It is easy to get distracted by possibilities and lose sight of your overall aesthetic. If you have no specific theme in mind...go wild!
Designing and building your terrarium:
  • The most important tip when building your terrarium is to have fun. Don't force it, and try to remain open to the end result. Often times the terrarium will begin to take shape as you start adding ingredients, and it doesn't always end up how you thought it would. The more fluid you can be in your design the better.
  • When designing a "landscaped" terrarium, be sure to partially bury your surface elements. This will give them an embedded look, which lends to the natural, grown-in quality you want to achieve.
  • Using sand and/or pebbles as a top layer is an easy way to add interest to your terrarium design. While there is nothing wrong with leaving the top layer simply exposed soil, layering sand and pebbles can help create a more landscaped feeling, add color to the terrarium etc.
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