Enchanted Garden

$ 59.95
  • container measures approx. 5.25" tall x 6.25" diameter
  • Sent as a kit, with detailed planting and care instructions
  • Natural elements will vary slightly from those pictured

This Tillandsia (air plant) terrarium makes a wonderful gift, and is very easy - and fun - to set up and care for. The slant cut, open faced vessel makes a unique and wonderfully attractive display for the little world that YOU create for your new air plants. This kit comes with everything you see in the picture. Use the elements any way you like to create a customizable landscape, then add your plants and enjoy a little touch of life wherever you need it. The best part about it is you can change the setting any time you like...no soil and no mess required :)

This terrarium kit features our small barnacle clusters, rose quartz boulders and other natural elements, and includes one tillandsia - velutina and two tillandsia - ionantha.

Complete air plant care instructions can be found here.

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