Thimble Cactus

$ 4.95
  • Sent in 2" grow pot with care instructions
  • Attractive, clustering cactus. High light.
  • Offshoots drop easily and can be re-rooted
Cacti are excellent in terrariums, requiring minimal water and care. They require bright light and occasional watering, but otherwise can be largely ignored. The thimble cactus (Mamallaria Gracilis Fragilis) has a unique growth habit. It forms many "offshoots" which can easily be knocked loose from the plant. When they fall, they develop starter roots quickly and will re-root on their own, thus forming large clusters over time.
Offshoots will often break loose in shipping, and can be used individually in your terrarium or grouped together.
More information on cacti and succulents, including full care info, can be found here.

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