Handmade Cedar Succulent Planter

$ 18.00

Rustic wooden planter w/ beautiful succulent plant included

Simple and attractive, these small, handmade cedar cube planters were an instant hit here in our store. They are compact enough to place just about anywhere you have sunlight, and add a beautiful "pop" of life to any space! We chose to keep these natural (no finish) to allow the cedar to weather over time. They begin a light, honey color, and will mature to a rustic gray with prolonged exposure to the sun.

Each planter will be sent with a beautiful plant similar to those pictured. We will always select a healthy and attractive plant from what we have in stock. They are designed to accept a plastic grow pot for easy care and maintenance, but can be planted directly in the planter if you prefer.

If this is a gift for someone else, please let us know if you want a card message included...we're happy to help!

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