Terrarium Driftwood

$ 1.95
  • Hand collected Pacific Northwest driftwood. 3 per order
  • Versatile terrarium element. Useful in many themes
  • Select small, medium, large or mixed size
Our terrarium driftwood is hand collected from a handful of beaches in the Pacific Northwest. It has been hand selected for it's size, shape and character. Driftwood is a favorite element for terrariums, and can be used in many ways to complement a variety of designs. Stand it upright for a monolithic feel, or partially bury it for a weathered landscape. Works well for beach, desert, or lush themes.
You will receive 3 pieces per order. Select your size from the option above.
Small measures approx. 2.5" - 3.5" long
Medium measures approx. 4" - 5.5" long
Large measures approx. 6" - 7.5" long
Driftwood can be cut easily with a handsaw to accommodate specific design needs.

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